Provisions from Malopolska. Grunwald 1410-2010

Provision of long-keeping bread was an element of a large-scale policy of supplying the royal court with food (hunting in royal forests, conserving meats, drying mushrooms and herbs), which was largely financed from the income of the royal treasury, including the revenue from the exploitation of salt deposits in Bochnia and Wieliczka, on the strength of the royal regale.

The Local Government of Malopolska Province and the Malopolska Institute of Culture are organising historic happenings based on the idea of ‘living history’.

On 10 July 2010 a symbolic Medieval convoy will set off from Krakow towards the battlefield of Grunwald, carrying food supplies for the knights. On the journey of the procession from Krakow, through Warsaw (11 July), there will be a staged entry of Medieval horse and carts accompanied by merchants, frisking stilt walkers and buskers, announced by town criers. The accompanying events will include performances and educational workshops led by a group of enthusiasts, which will give children and adults the opportunity to see life in Medieval times ‘inside out’. There will also be a possibility to try regional products, including Krakow bagels, of course.