Malopolska’s Virtual Museums

The project involves the establishment and provision of adequate hardware and software for a Regional Digitalisation Centre, which will virtualise over 500 exhibits from 35 museums in the province, whose natural ‘habitat’ has been the museum showcase or, for security reasons, the museum storehouse. There will be an opportunity to learn about their rich history, to see them in close-up and rotate them, without fear of breaking them or breaching the museum etiquette.

Apart from the visually attractive presentations, the Virtual Museums portal will also feature new virtual thematic exhibitions, made up of various museum collections, whose preparation would either be extremely difficult or downright impossible in reality. Reception of the material presented on the portal will also be possible through participation in interactive games, quizzes, museum lessons, and by creating individual collections.

We hope that strolling around virtual museums, which will probably have become possible by the end of 2011, will not only stimulate users’ and the portal’s guests’ imagination but also will inspire them to visit unique museums in Malopolska, and the process of digitalization and recording of the collection will help to retain and popularise the region’s unique heritage.


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