Report on the conference

A three-day All-Poland Academic Conference ‘Władysław Orkan’s Ouevre: Literary, Cultural and Media Aspects’ was held in Krakow and Koninki near Poręba Wielka (Niedźwiedź commune) on 10-12 May 2010. The conference was organised by Małopolska Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa im. Józefa Dietla in Krakow and Wydawnictwo Edukacyjne in Krakow. Conference attendees were representatives of academic and cultural centres from the whole Poland, including the Malopolska Institute of Culture, and representatives of the local authorities of Limanowa district and Niedźwiedź commune, The Highlanders Alliance, The Gorce National Park and Władysław Orkan’s House – Museum in Poręba Zagronie and local regional groups, residents of Orkan’s home Poręba Wielka, and local media. Over 35 presentations were made, and the audience included pupils and students of local schools named after Władysław Orkan, which is, according to Professor Bolesław Faron, organiser of the conference, an important ideological and educational aspect of the event.
Honorary patronage: Leszek Zegzda, Deputy Marshal of Malopolska Province
Co-organisers: Janusz Potaczek, Voyt of Niedźwiedź Commune, District Starosty in Limanowa, the Niedźwiedź branch of The Highlanders Alliance

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