They have a close look at Brzeszcze

We feature only one picture here. It is by Piotr Bielenin. The others can be seen at the weekend of the Malopolska Days of Cultural Heritage in Stara Kolonia in Brzeszcze, at the exhibition mounted on the doors of wooden sheds on the premises of the housing estate. Below we introduce the authors of the photos – photographers from the mining town of Brzeszcze, district of Oświęcim.

Agnieszka Moś

My adventure with photography started over ten years ago, when I started working in a photo lab. I like what I do, photography is my passion.

Adriana Wrzesińska

I feel best outdoors. I see my future in photography. I believe people should travel because it’s the only way not only to see but also to feel the beauty of the world, which never comes out well in pictures or on TV. I’m dreaming of a trip to Australia and New Zealand. I describe my travels with Damian Filipczak on my blog.

Piotr Bielenin

I am a member of the Association of Amateur Photographers and Fine Art Photographers in the commune of Brzeszcze. It’s always the most difficult to write about yourself, I definitely prefer to take photos, a good photo is worth more than a thousand words – I dream of taking one like this one day…

Jerzy Zajda

I have been taking photographs for ages. As a young boy, I helped my Father in the darkroom. This passion of mine still lasts. I take photos of everything but mostly, I compile picture stories to save from oblivion the situations which become history so rapidly. My collection comprises hundreds of thousands of frames on celluloid and nearly half a million of digital shots.