Cultural May Outing in Malopolska

This year’s Heritage Days, held at the weekend of 15-16 May, focus on 12 sites in four different parts of Malopolska. In Krakow you are welcome to enter the family city game ‘Reformation in Krakow’ (St Martin’s church), and to visit both the old city ice house in Podgórze and Józef Mehoffer’s House, where you can see an exhibition of the artist’s designs for stained glass windows in the cathedral in Freiburg. In Jakubowice (North-Eastern Route) the Renaissance manor house is well worth a visit. Its present owners will guide you round the premises and tell you about its history and the lives of its respective owners. Along the same route, in Goszyce, visitors will have the opportunity to hear tales of the residents of the local manor house, including Anna and Jerzy Turowicz. Then, in Raciborowice you might like to visit the Gothic St Margaret’s church and learn about the history of its foundation by Jan Długosz, owing to which the church was erected.

The Western Route features many attractions. In Alwernia there will be an opportunity to visit the Market Square, which has preserved the layout characteristic for small towns in Galicia three centuries ago, and the Baroque Bernardine Monastery. In Brzeszcze there is a miners’ housing estate built at the beginning of the 20th century, where you will be guided around by local residents. In the course of a complementary individual visit you can follow the ‘Whims Route’, tracing the interests of local residents.

The programme of the 12th Malopolska Days of Cultural Heritage for the Spis Route focuses on the unique quality of the region whose small part is located in Poland. For hundreds of years it was inhabited by various ethnic groups: Poles, Slovaks, Hungarians, Ruthenians and Jews. This exceptional melting pot left many traces in many spheres of life. In Nowa Biała you will be shown the multiculturalism of the Spis region through an analysis of the local folk costume and in Łapsze Wyżne it will be presented in the context of the Spis dialect, while in Trybsz you can find out what importance the mountains have for the inhabitants of this part of Malopolska.

The programme was drawn up by the Malopolska Province Government and the Malopolska Institute of Culture which initiated the event and conducts it.