Account of the meeting devoted to art by Karol Radziszewski

In his art, Radziszewski ‘ruthlessly’ deals with our stereotypical thinking and reactions that govern our behaviour.
The ruthlessness is obviously half serious, or, if serious, it is devoid of its initial meaning because we’ve seen it all, we’ve read it all…; because of garish tabloid revelations…; because of alleged sensational front page headlines of alleged newspapers…; because of the omnipresent billboards which bombard us on almost every street and in every city…; because all of it has long become transparent to us.

So can news of a pink balaclava clad gay raping a heterosexual man be shocking? Perhaps it is inappropriate or tasteless?

What is more unsettling: the fact that art uses perverse measures of tabloids or the fact that its aim (an attempt to confront the recipient) will not be achieved?

What is the purpose of art whose reception and also a lack of it equally make us reflect on ourselves? On our reactions? Or, finally, on the ways in which what is publicly accessible shapes our perception of the surrounding reality.

Why does a gay torturer feature in this art? Fag Fighters are a perverse idea, but isn’t thinking along the common, accepted and so delusively relaxing stereotypes in itself perverse? Is it there to provoke us? Or to confront us with the persistent tendency to classify?

There are a lot of question marks in this subjective account of the meeting with Mateusz Okoński’s guests: Paulina Olszewska and Wojciech Szymański.

by: Adam Naruszewicz