The Yellow Spot, exhibition by Tilman Wendland Torun, Centre of Contemporary Art – Znaki czasu

The ‘Yellow Spot’ project is created not only to exist in a concrete space (a ‘site specific’ installation) but it also treats the found space, both in the architectural and conceptual aspects, as its topic.

The project focuses on the relation between the artist and the space he enters with his project, based on acceptance rather than dissent, and on the question the artist poses how to link the recipient with the space. Hence his installation is an expression of his attempts to broaden the visual field as it admits the recipient’s doubt and reflection, and in this way it rejects the primacy of the artistic eye and visual didactics. The visitor is not only a viewer but also an active observer. S/he is supposed to experience architecture first in order to enter space.

‘Autoportret. Quarterly on Good Space’, whose publisher is the Malopolska Institute of Culture, took the event under its media patronage. 

Venue: Torun, Centre of Contemporary Art ‘Znaki czasu’
Time: 26 February – 30 May 2010