Report of a workshop in the series ”The Extraordinary Potential of Festivities”

The event was attended by the Community Centre Staff, who organise several open-air events of this kind in Nowa Huta annually: from small housing estate events to the June family festivities ‘Sunday with Wanda’ addressed to all residents of the district. The aim of the meeting was to develop new ideas to enrich the traditional and slightly old-fashioned formula of festivities as a combination of stage shows (a so-called star and a review of the local artistic output) and quiz shows for the audience. The character of Wanda, the title personage of the festivities, became an inspiration for interesting ideas volunteered by the workshop participants. Anna Miodyńska and Sebastian Wacięga of the MIC, who conducted the meeting, keep their fingers crossed for their implementation. See you in Nowa Huta at the festivities ‘with Wanda’.


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