Report of Workshop 3 of the ‘Malopolska. Land of Many Cultures’ project

We divided our workshop meeting into two parts. The first aimed to recreate in our imaginations the world from before the war, where elements of Ruthenian culture gave the resort a unique atmosphere. A perfect guide to that nearly lost world was Nikifor, a Lemko by birth, who was a self-taught painter. In the ‘Romanówka’ Villa, the Nowy Sącz District Museum compiled many exhibits connected with the artist’s life and an extensive collection of his paintings. We were guided by the exhibition’s curator, Zbigniew Wolanin. In the second part of the workshop we met Piotr Basałyga, author of another exhibition which displays photographs of the land inhabited by the Lemkos. Together we set out on a sentimental journey to the places where Orthodox churches, Lemko homesteads and wayside shrines have been preserved, and where photographs of elderly people are few and far between. The last feature of the workshop was a meeting with Lemko poet Piotr Trochanowski. We spoke about poems, translations of Polish literary classics into the Lemko language, about songs and the contemporary times.


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