Open call for projects for the second edition of the ”Worth Remembering” Programme

The projects should:

  • integrate residents of Malopolska using historic heritage and create conditions conducive to inter-generational dialogue,
  • support building the foundations of modern patriotism and activity of Malopolska residents based on memory and history,
  • support research and academic activity in the field of historic heritage connected with the above stated anniversaries.

Project proposals are to be submitted by filling in the form downloadable from the site www.wartopamietac.info. The site also comprises the Rules of the ‘Worth Remembering’ 2010 Programme  together with a description of the formal requirements, substantive criteria and principles of cooperation.

The deadline for submitting project proposals expires on 16 April 2010.


   Zofia Noworól
tel. +48 012 422 18 84, 9.00-16.00

mail   Piotr Knaś
tel. +48 012 422 18 84, Mon.-Thur., 10.00-18.00