Report on the Art On Wheels workshop

The classes were conducted by art historians Barbara Łepkowska and Katarzyna Wydra of Plenerownia Cultural Projects Studio. The participants were children aged 7 to 13, accompanied by their parents and guardians. All of them received special task cards, which were designed to encourage them to look about the site carefully. The greatest enthusiasm was aroused by the task of looking for saints’ attributes. The children were to find e.g. keys, a sword or a rose. They drew a plan of the church, learned to distinguish the features of the Gothic and Baroque styles, decoded the acronyms INRI and HIS, found out what are Zacchaeus crosses (testimony that the church was consecrated) and Biblia Pauperum, and observed Jan Długosz’s coat of arms. They also played Chinese whispers and tried to make sculptures of their friends modelled on the figures in the altars. The last task was to draw all animals represented in the churches and such objects as the mitre, tabernacle, feretory or tonsure, which made it easier for the children to memorise the new terms.
In Raciborowice the drawing class was held outside the church, but in Trybsze heavy rain made it necessary to move it indoors.
The children enjoyed Art On Wheels classes and learned much.
We believe they will have no problems with guiding visitors around the churches in Raciborowice and Trybsze.