7th Art Competition The Treasures of Malopolska – award ceremony

The opening of the exhibition of the award winning works was held at 2 p.m. in John Paul II Community Centre ‘Kamieniołom’ (by St Joseph’s church) in Krakow. Dozens of pupils and teachers from the whole of Malopolska had the opportunity to see a happening by pupils from the Lower Secondary School in Siedliska dedicated to the ‘Kupala Night’, combined with a show of garlands under ‘The Treasures of Malopolska’. All visitors present at the opening were greatly impressed by the ingenuity of the authors of the happening.
The post-competition exhibition was on the programme of 12th Malopolska Days of Cultural Heritage. The visitors in the Centre praised the high quality of the works which won awards and awards of distinction. 

We wish to thank all competition participants for their months-long work and to encourage them to take part in the following edition.


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