Very Young Culture

Education and culture go hand in hand

For several years already, Małopolska Institute of Culture has been initiating and implementing educational and cultural activities. For example, the project: “Synapsy. Education and Culture” emerged from our reflections and experience built by participation in the nation-wide programme The Very Young Culture (two sets: pilot project in 2016-2018 and secondary round, 2019-2021). We were involved in preparing terms of reference for this latter programme as well. We have also brought experiences from abroad by creating partnerships with international networks and individual organisations in Germany and the United Kingdom.

We focus on new, experimental forms of cooperation between education and culture – both between individuals and institutions. We intend to rediscover definitions of culture and education: to link between them, to point out their mutual and intrinsic connections.

We are one of the regional leaders of the Very Young Culture programme (Bardzo Młoda Kultura). We create and support partnerships for the development of creative culture education in the Małopolska region, cooperating with our partners to create innovative educational activities, so participating children and youths could learn and shape their relations with the society and be active, but critical creators of their own environment.

Wstecz Dalej

We wish to build a wise approach to creative culture education, so it can build bridges between formal and informal education and encourage teachers and culture animators to design their activities together with children and youths.

The Very Young Culture is a programme financed by the National Culture Centre. It has been designed to come up with, test, promote and implement solutions that bring education and culture together. Those should support children, youths and adults in shaping their social competences, especially in terms of cooperation, communication, innovativeness and creativity.