About us

Three words describe us in short: Region, React, Rethink

Małopolski Instytut Kultury w Krakowie [Małopolska Institute of Culture in Krakow, abbr. MIK] is an independent body set up by the Małopolska local government. MIK engages in many activities to study and promote cultural heritage of the Małopolska region. MIK provides workshops and training as well as organizes conferences and seminars for culture sector employees. We also research the evolution of cultural trends and development directions. 

MIK is a proud member of three international networks: Culture Action Europe, Interpret Europe, and the European Network of Observatories in the Field of Arts and Cultural Education (ENO).


We are from here, we live and work in the Małopolska region. We draw inspiration from the local heritage it makes us a community.

We initiate and organise events that promote the culture of our region. We run websites that encourage people to learn about its richness and diversity.

We discover little-known places and venues and we present them from a completely new perspective.

We capture our past, because recognising it knowingly, helps us to better understand the present and consciously shape the future.


We claim that culture needs dialogue and action to flourish. That’s why we like working with creative people.

We support the professional development of culture sector employees, culture animators, librarians, museum professionals, members of cultural associations and informal groups, educators and teachers, as well as supporters of cultural and natural heritage.

We offer training related to the interpretation of cultural heritage, development of the animation skills, including culture education and the project based work with children. We provide advice on how to make the cultural offer available for people with disabilities.

We create networks for exchanging experiences and sharing knowledge. We are engaged in developing the community of regional cultural organisations for mutual cooperation and support.


We collect data and draw conclusions, responding to the challenges of ever changing world. We are convinced that only thoughtful and diverse solutions can be the ground for cooperation and prosperity. Our research projects aim to dig out the potential of local communities and stimulate new initiatives.

We publish analytical reports as well as opinions from the experts in culture, science, education, labour market and social policy sectors. We carefully watch the mechanisms of culture institutions on a micro and macro scale – to be able to explore new directions.

We work together with many respected research institutions domestically. However, we are also members of international networks:

The European Network of Observatories in the Field of Arts and Cultural Education (ENO) 

Culture Action Europe (CAE)

European Association for Heritage Interpretation (Interpret Europe)