Our volunteering service

Experience, learn and grow

We claim to be bringing in the young culture sector staff, since we are mostly approached by students and graduates from the universities. However, age or education does not matter here, as we are sharing our experience and knowledge with every person we decide to work with. We offer more than we demand.

Our volunteers are working with us and are helping us to conduct our cultural and educational activities. Our priority is to support their development. We are not seeking line workers, but we wish to invite those who are eager to create exciting ideas and activities, to learn, build their competences and challenge themselves in new conditions.

We believe that such an approach benefits both parties: the volunteers are learning and gaining experience, which is helpful if they wish to continue to work in the culture sector or just if they wish to find out whether such a job really fits them.

At the same time we can discover more about ourselves as the institution. We collect feedback about our ideas and the way we work. The presence of volunteers does not allow us to stay in the usual patterns and routines of action. We can reflect a little bit more on our goals and strategies and adjust it to the dynamically changing environment. After all, culture lives when shared.

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