The Self-portrait

A magazine on good space

The Autoportret programme (the Self-portrait) reflects on our idea of culture and the space, broadly defined, and how those two terms connect, interact and impact us. The way we perceive the space and how we relate to it enables us to transform it consciously, to make it our environment. Hence, we look after the space around us and we push ourselves to make an impact; the outcome revealed appears to be our self-portrait.

Wstecz Dalej

The programme is based on editing and publishing a quarterly magazine “Autoportret. A magazine on good space” (since 2002) accompanied by debates, interviews, etc. “Autoportret” promotes a thoughtful approach to space as a cultural phenomenon. It presents reflections on various areas of knowledge, unusual contexts and creative solutions. It aims to attract not only professionals, but any person wishing to be inspired.