Małopolska’s Virtual Museums

Closer than you think

Wirtualne Muzea Małopolski (The Małopolska’s Virtual Museums) is a long run innovative project aiming to digitalize the finest and most valuable items of cultural heritage from museums in the Małopolska region. For that purpose we have established Regionalna Pracownia Digitalizacji (The Regional Digitalisation Centre) – a group of highly qualified employees, experts in digital photography, digital graphics and design as well as editors and writers. So far we have virtualized over 2000 exhibits from 42 museums on a dedicated website. We work permanently to improve the accessibility and attractiveness of models’ presentations as we wish to reach broader audiences. Not only do we offer 3D models that could be rotated and seen from every angle, but we also provide rich historical background and educational materials. Our ambition is still to develop a range of thematic collections and exhibitions digitally and enable audiences to choose exhibits and present them in virtual reality. We wish to engage viewers through interactive games, quizzes or online museum lessons. We believe that this approach allows us to set new paths in a contemporary museology.

Wstecz Dalej

The Małopolska Institute of Culture has been implementing the project since June 2010, in collaboration with the Department of Economy and Information Society in the Marshal’s Office of the Małopolska Province in partnership with 35 museums in the Małopolska region. The project is co-financed by the European Union under the Małopolska Regional Operational Program.