Alternatif Turistik

The main focus was on developing a new, parallel map of Silesia, featuring places that go unnoticed in everyday life, and tracing post-industrial architecture and its ‘quiet’ users, while also trying to re-apply Robert Smithson’s land-art concepts to the existing territory. A sightseeing tour around the whole Silesia was necessary. The authors of the project did not take long to be persuaded to act. For several years they have been involved in ‘alternative tourism’, mainly owing to Marcin Doś, whose book ‘Indunature’, a kind of visual adventure book, has became the central point of the project.
After an institutionalised time in Kronika, ‘Alternatif Turistik’ started to live its independent life, extended by the sound project ‘Droga bez skrótów’ [No Shortcut Way], and will be continued under as yet unspecified, loose rules.  
‘Alternatif Turistik’ also started the long-term, multidisciplinary programme ‘Made in Bytom’ (involving architecture, visual arts, music, fashion, extreme sports, chill-out), which promotes alternative lifestyle and cultural strategies for the city, and develops a new, brave identity vision for Bytom. Kronika’s plans include a beach, newspaper, blog, camp site, lofts and a post-industrial hostel.

The ‘Alternatif Turistik’ project and other Kronika projects in the city space will be presented by Stanisław Ruksza. The meeting will be hosted by Marta Kudelska and Tomasz Lelek.

Stanisław Ruksza is an art historian and exhibitions curator, and the program director of the 'Kronika’ Centre of Contemporary Art in Bytom. He has written a number of texts on contemporary art. He is co-coordinator of the Political Critique Club in Silesia. Recently, he was a resident of apexart in New York City.