Questing – out of the museum for a walk

Questing is a way to construct educational trails, present cultural heritage and invite visitors to join the fun. The word ‘quest’ connotes chase, search, enquiry, tracking. Questing is the narrative involved in sightseeing and following trails. The aim of questing is to develop various relations between the visitor and space.

The workshop will include a theoretical and methodological introduction to quest-type trails construction (the basic principles and elements of the process) and practical exercises. The possibilities of using questing in museum practice will be presented on the example of the educational path constructed by the Malopolska Institute of Culture in collaboration with Fabryka Emalia Oskara Schindlera [Schindler’s Factory].

The workshop will be conducted by: Kinga Kołodziejska (MIC) and Piotr Idziak (MIC).



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