Go ahead and do it for children! The art of playgrounds

Can a playground surprise us? Are we forced to accept the banal solutions with standardized forms and colour schemes which are offered by commercial providers of playgrounds ‘in the box’? Is cooperation between architects, artists and children possible in Poland?

We will talk about the need for original playground design. We will try to show that playgrounds may prove to be a unique means of artistic expression and we will present designs and productions that are bold, out of the ordinary – but safe. We will discuss what concrete activities should be undertaken so that such environments can be constructed in Krakow.

We wish to awaken a social need to launch an initiative which would combine art and play in public space, an initiative for architects and artists’ individual and collective intervention directly in the city space, an initiative for playgrounds viewed as small architecture.

The meeting will be hosted by Emilia Osińska.